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Bernadette Stanis

Bernadette Stanis was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Her first introduction to the performing arts was at the age of five, when her grandmother took her to tap dance lessons. She discovered her natural ability to act after performing in her high school production of the "The three Faces of Eve." After graduating with honors from Erasmus High School, she was accepted to the Julliard School of Music where she received her B.A. Degree in Drama.

 Bernadette's natural beauty and personality won her the title of "Miss New York" at the New York Beauty Contest. During this special event in her life, she was discovered by a director who informed her about the casting of a new TV series. She became popular all over the world her role as "Thelma", in one of the first televised African American ethnic family show, "Good Times." She appeared in this role for seven consecutive seasons. Bernadette's charm and beauty still attracts many young men all over the country  who grew up watching her on TV, and they constantly remind her that she is their "first love."


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Bernadette Stanis
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                  This was the beginning of Bernadette's successful career in the entertainment world. She has appeared in several T.V. sitcoms, i.e., "The Cosby Show", "Busting Loose," "Love Boat," "What's Happening Now." Her winning personality and charm has caused many national magazines such as Ebony, Jet, Right On, and most recently Black Hair, and Black Elegant, to feature her. She has appeared in national commercials, records albums, and videos.

             Bernadette Stanis multi-talents include dancing, singing, and writing poetry. No stranger to the stage, she has produced two of her own successful off-Broadway shows.

              She dazzled the audiences across the nation in her recent role of "Margerine"  in the hit gospel play, "He Say…She Say…But What Does God Say?"

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