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The Early years:

Bernadette Stanis

The children of Good Times

  Bernadette's natural beauty and personality won her the title of "Miss New York" at the New York Beauty Contest. During this special event in her life, she was discovered by a director who informed her about the casting of a new TV series. She became popular all over the world her role as "Thelma", in one of the first televised African American ethnic family show, "Good Times." She appeared in this role for seven consecutive seasons. Bernadette's charm and beauty still attracts many young men all over the country  who grew up watching her on TV, and they constantly remind her that she is their "first love."


Good Times was a spin-off from Maude, which in turn
was a spin-off from All In The Family. Florida Evans
was originally Maude Findlay's maid until, in the spring
of 1974, she got a show of her own. Florida and James
Evans were lower middle-class blacks living with their
three children in a high-rise ghetto on the south side
of Chicago. J.J. was the oldest, Thelma was a year
younger than he, and Michael was five years younger than
she, 10 when the series started. Trying to make ends
meet on the erratic income provided by James, who was
always in and out of jobs, made life difficult, but
there was always plenty of love in the family. J.J.
was an accomplished amateur painter who, though going
to trade school, was always looking for some
get-rich-quick scheme. His catch phrase "Dy-No-Mite"
became very popular in the mid 1970s.

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