Welcomes one and all.  I am one of the High Priests to Paladin

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As a young child I grew up in the town of ~~~~~~~. I was a simple Squire in the local temple where my Father Istar resided. We helped a many injured adventurer back form Hades though at a high cost to many the traveler. As with most shops our Temple was in the business to earn a profit and the Temple did earn acquire much wealth from travelers. As I grew older and more restless I decided to take the skills of healing to the adventurer but at no fee to them. This was not appreciated by my temple though being skilled in the art of healing I felt Paladin would wish me to help all who path I may cross. For further information on my many adventures please refer to my Journal.

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  I am available to all adventures I can get to please contact my squire via this magical orb known in some realms as email2.gif (15772 bytes)

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