As a young scribe I went to the temple of ~. My father was the high cleric of Paladins. I saw many injured adventurer's carried into our temple and I saw the great powers of Paladins, imminent from the hands of the most powerful healers. Being the adventurous type I cold never stay put in the temple for the rest of my days. I wished to take the ability to heal out to the Realms, or around the town. I believed that with the number of adventures needing out the aid of the temple, how many of our citizens of ~ cure. More it is to your temple or can not afford to pay for ou5 services. I decided a long tie ago that I would study the ways of a healer and take my gifts out to the people. I new Paladins would approve of m wishing to help others in the Realm from my own heart and not in the attempt to fill my pockets. Upon my 19th summer I had studied all I could in our temple and decided to make my way to the High cleric's tower in an attempt to heighten my abilities and understood better the ways of a true cleric. In my travels I made many new friends and had many adventures that have helped me a great deal in the advancement of my knowledge and abilities. Please check my Journal for details of my adventures and the many confrontations I have had in my travels.