The Journal of Destr0yr

    As a youth I grew up in the jungles of Chult. My child hood was that        of a Ranger I was bread and raised on the ways of nature. Upon my      seventeenth summer I was on a patrol of the realms where I met with  a band of adventures that were under attack by a group if draconian      scum. There were three of the beasts, two Baaz and one Kapak. The     band of adventures was but only youths as I was at the time. The           group was still fairing rather well. Then with a turn of fait the Kapak with a swipe of his poisoned sward grazed a party member and the adventurer fell to the toxic poison the blade of this Kapak's broad sward. The fallen member appeared to is a fighter of the party, with that I know the others could have a rough time of it so I joined in the combat. Though I have trained with my Short sward this would be the first time I ever fought one of these foul beasts. I was a bit frightened but knew the group could use an extra sward on their side. My years of training came out though, as with one swing it contacted with the Kapak in is chest and this was enough to take the Kapak down. I know it was not all me as the fighter had already injured the creature. I did ketch him by surprise and this

probably was in my favor for surprise is always a plus especially with foul creatures like these evil drackonions. Next I spun around on the ball of my boot and was able to connect almost immediately with the shoulder of the 1st of the two Baaz. This was enough to startle him and distract his attention for a moment to allow another member of the other party get a good strike to the Beasts side. Once more I thrust my sward into the Baaz and the beast instantly turned to stone. This was not an uncommon occurrence though, as these beasts have been known to metamorphosis instantly into a stone statue up on the Baaz's defeat by another. As the beast metamorphosis my sward seemed to get stuck in the upper shoulder of the now stone statue. I had heard of this occurrence from others who have fought these beasts. The evil creatures are the offspring of Bronze dragon eggs stolen from the huge and powerful creatures and then corrupted in some way I will not even pretend to comprehend. This evil ritual went on many years ago and thousands up on thousands of these foul creatures were uses as foot soldiers in many battles of evil that have blemished our home of Krynn. Though it was a shock this only lasted for a brief moment. I feared that with out a weapon how would I fight the last of these beasts. The fear subsided after only a second as I remembered that I had all my gear on


this excursion through the woods and this gear included a dancing short sward that had been handed down to me many years ago before the disappearance of my father. The dancing short sward was to become mine when I became of age. I have had in now for many years but did not usually keep it drawn, as in is a special sward with magical enchantment which I to this day can not quite understand. With my dancing long sward that I carried for just such an occasion I was able to continue the battle and not be concerned about the other sward for the moment. I quickly drew the sward from its sheath and advanced toward the third and last of the beasts. The other adventures were fairing well as this was the third and last of the assailants battling in this combat. As I advance upon the last beast I heard sounds ruffling from the woods to the right and there immerged a 2nd Kapak whom advance on me before I was able to reach the other side of the camp sight to help the other adventures. The Kapak swings at me and grazes my shoulder; a snickering smile appears on the creature’s face as his belief that his poison will end my resistance. To the surprise of the Kapak and my self for that matter I did not fall, though I could feel the burning in my shoulder from this foul creature’s sward. I gave this to the ways of my kindred. We were taught at a young age to use natures gifts in our health and one of natures gifts is the ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ vines. These vines


grow in the forest in specific surroundings and are supposed to have a cleansing effect in our bodies to help filter out certain impurities and the poison of a Kapak is one of the things I have herd they help against. I knew I was still standing but did not know how well the effect of these berries I eat daily would last. I know if I went down the others whom did not seem to be skilled in the ways if a fighting could be in trouble. I continued to battle the Kapak not knowing if another strike would take me down or not. To the surprise of the Kapak as a big smile came over my face, I swung back on him and connected solidly to his chest. The stunned Kapak became fearful, as he knew his poison would not put me down as quickly as he hoped. Knowing that another dose of poison from the creature might be my demise I fought as though my life depended on it and to the best of my knowledge it just might. But not letting fear do me in I spun once more on my boot and connected solidly with the Kapak again. I do not know if it was a lucky blow or by the grace of Paladin but my strike was true and firm upon its connection with this evil beast. The creature fell to the ground spilling his toxic blood to the ground. These foul creatures are conceived of corrupted green dragon eggs I believe in much the same way as the Baaz, though again I can not fathom the powers of rituals that are used to create such beasts. As I turn to advance back to the others and there last Baaz I see that with a


blow of his staff a member of the party whom wares the robes of a Mage took the Baaz down. Once the battle is complete I survey the surroundings looking for any sign of other creatures that may attempt to avenge the death of these creatures but see nothing but the trees and bushes around this camp sight. The party begins to gather up their items and finds a few pieces of gold and a sward or two in the aftermath of this combat. They offer to share the gold with me but I refuse and tell the others I do not need the gold I just wanted to make sure the creatures of evil did not defeat you party. The a member of this group whom appeared to be a healer offered to heal my wounds from the battle and I told him not to worry about me but help there downed member first. With that the healer took out a potion and raised the downed member’s head a bit and poured the liquid into his mouth. The fighter began to twitch and squirm and with that his eyes opened and the fighter attempted to stand. HE was a bit wobbly on his feet but after staggering a bit and struggling he was on his feet and appeared to be fine once more. Then the healer approached me and cured my wounds from the battle. The other members who were injured tended to there wound and thanked me for my assistance. Then another of the party returned to me my Sward that I lost upon the defeat of the first Baaz. It seems that after the creature is defeated with in time the stone figure


crumbles to dust and any weapon trapped within the beast is freed once more. The Healer of the party chanted a bless spell and prayed to hid deity to watch over us. I continued to speech with the party member whom appeared to be the leader and proceeded to identify my self to him. The group thanked me once more and asked which direction I was heading and to what town. I informed the adventures that I was just wandering the realm in a search for many answers to questions I have about nature and the history of my people and in search for clues leading to the destruction of my home village. The band of adventures were all of youth and seemed to be searching for answers to questions not as yet though of. The small band of adventures informed me that there was an outpost a day’s track from here. And that the commandant is requesting adventures to help in resolving several rumors of evil events that have been reported from an abandoned town. The town is to the north and then west of the outpost it its day it was known as Throttle and mostly populated with elves and half elves. This town is supposed to be an abandoned city but there have been sever reports of shady activities occurring around the out skirts of the city. I agreed to join up with the group, not in hopes of adventure and exploration, as much as the fact that I could see that with the inexperience of these youths, they would probably not make it to the outpost, much less the town with out help and guidance from one such as my self. With my experiences living in the forest and has learned to senses my surroundings and be aware of events occurring within my surroundings.

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