James Eischen.


Personal Interests

Muscle Cars
I collect restore and Modify Muscle cars when I can find the time. My favorite Makes and models are: American Motors AMX Javelin, Mopar E-Body vehicles Like the Cuda' or Challenger, and Ford Trucks.

I like to escape from the real world when I can to the movies. My favorite types of movies are SCI-FI followed closely by Action Adventure. I do like to go to Horrors but I prefer the company of a young lady so I can Protect her from the monsters. ;)

Roll Playing games
I use to play a lot of Role-playing on the PC. TSRs Gold box series was and probably always will be my favorite. I played allot online when America Online was hosting Never Winter Nights, and now I am just now I'm also into Baldurs Gate, Ice Wind Dale, Neverwinter Nights and formerly The Sims online  If your ever there Say hi. Also some Everquest but not much.

The Sims Online
The Sims Online is a fun and entertaining way to spend an evening, day week or as much time as one has to waste. All in all it is really a glorified chat room but it has the look and feel of a Sim game as you create a Sim, teach them skills, earn money to spend in the game, build a home for your Sim and hope that lots of people find your home fun and entertaining. I have built a little site about The Sims online Here

S.E.A.D.S. is a Computer Service Company I work/ed for Web server is located at www.seads.net We have all kinds of cool stuff for users to access. They offer Games, Web advice, Dating tips, Graphics, Chat rooms, and Web Page Housing. They offer a lot of Special interest areas too from Gamers, To Hackers, to even some Adult stuff. I highly recommend logging in and checking them out. check us out some time just for fun.

One of my classes at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale got me interested in Photography. This is a link to my online Photo Album,
MY Photo Album

Someone who seems to thinks like me. Lets hope My life turns out better.

The Apology of Socrates

Socrates: Helping Treat Depression 2,400 Years after Death.

Writings of Plata

I use to host parties in the Fort Lauderdale area at a Private Bar. It is a small hole in the wall place but the people are nice and the service and atmosphere are great. They have a DJ playing your requests for anything from Classic Rock, Disco, Metal, Tecno, Alternative and many others. I sometimes Bartend there on the weekends for small parties or get together. Its a cool place if you just want to hang out, bring friends and socialize, chat, Drink or just chill. For further information got to Deffender's Home page
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Biographical Information

1965 -1966 New York

1966 - 1984 Hollywood Florida

1984 - 1984 Glenview Illinois

1984 - 1985 Stone Mountain Georgia

1985 - 1997 Hollywood Florida

1997 - 2003 Plantation Florida

2003 -???? Road Trip ;)

Educational Information:

Sheridan Vocational Technical Institute

.6/93 Working with Windows, Dos, NetWare administration beginning and advanced (Certificate programs.)

6/94 Electronics Technologies

6/94 Computer Technologies

Broward Community College
12/97, Associates in Computer Engineering.

08/98, Associates in Computer Engineering Networking technologies.

09/03, Associates in Multimedia and Web design at  AIFL for: Multimedia and Web Design.

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Employment Information

Presently I am Self Employed doing odd jobs but I do have working agreements with a few of the companies listed below.
Please visit their sites to lean more. Thanks...

J.E. Performance - Inactive but still do automotive work on the side

Key Responsibilities -

C.H. Productions - Party Planer

Key Responsibilities -

Florida ConQuest - Convention service / Gaming Convention provider - Still in the Works low on funds before it got off the ground but One day

Key responsibilities -

Ivy Transport - Driver, Business advisor (Website coming soon) back up Drive when needed

S.E.A.D.S. Operations Manager - (Web Contractor)
Systems Engineer, MCP, A Plus, N Plus

Web Master SEADS.net

Key responsibilities
Maintain the IIS server and over see Network Administration for the Corporate sight, Field service, Training, assembly, Customer services. Manage team of 5 service technicians, schedule appointments, vacations, and daily work schedules. Manage SEADS offices, hire and train staff and personnel. Meet with marketing and sales departments help guide business direction


*** Note to the BS collections people who find this page. Get Bent. When I graduated the school promised to find me employment. Until such a time as the school or state have offered me fulltime permanent employment your student loans will have to wait. This is why I am SELF Employed, You can't force me to pay when I don't have any money. Get a Damn Life you stupid Collections people. Here you go Offer me a Job and Pay me well and I can pay back those annoying student loans. :) Otherwise stick your Thumb up your ass and rotate when it reaches the elbow your ride is over.


Department or workgroup
Service department S.E.A.D.S. Service Department - Now run by Robert Jones a Friend from School

For Employability information click here for a copy of my Resume - Always looking for a good job

Word Document version: Click to download Word Doc.

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Hot List

Never Winter Nights

Mirabilis ICQ

An Interesting sight.


Broward Community College Computer Club

Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

Florida ConQuest

The Captain's Place

C.H. Productions


LAN Party

J.E. Performance

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Contact Information

Electronic mail address
James Eischen

SEADS Web address

Someone who use to be very Special to me. Susan :( but now loves her Black dick

Someone Still far away both in distance and my heart Kezza - Guess she doesn't even remember me has been 20 years and to marriages for her though. :(

Someone else far away and was close to my heart Katta - Had a crush many years ago but she is happily married and a long way away. :(

This is created and dedicated to the same person.  Katta

These are four very special people to me also. The Kids "The one in the Top Left I do not Know"

Tried to Re Kendal old feelings but not sure this will work, but a lady close to my heart in some ways. Sandy Burns

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Comments and Suggestions

Please tell me what you think about my home page and how I might improve it.

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