Sandra Lee Burns

This was one of my First Girl Friends way back in 1984.  She was one of those girls who back in the day I didn't know how I won her fancy but was loving every minuet of it. She was such a cute girl when we got together.


We went out briefly but our time together was difficult as I drove a Motorcycle and she wouldn't ride on it with me. I had a car but it was less then reliable. We went out on a few dates and she wrote me a long letter starting on Valentines day 1984 and I think the letter covered a few days time LOL

in 2009 I found her on Face book but when we chatted seems she didn't even remember me. Her and I had some very memorable times though sadly to few and to short. She helped me initiate the Bahama Bed in the Back seat of my New Yorker. I loved that car and want another one some day ;) It was my first time in a car back seat and was our first date too so she was a wild one back then but always seems so sweet and innocent at the same time.  I remember we went out to Grand Prix Race-O-Roma and had a blast and even took one of those photo both pictures together. I wish I had taht picture but I think she wanted to keep it. Unfortunately all I have to remember her is this letter above and the one Picture of her but there are lots of good memories and thoughts about the time we did get to spend together. Perhaps one day Humm Who Knows.

More coming later. :)

Me and my First Car 1975 Chrysler New Yorker 440 4bbl

Well here is the more. :) A few weeks ago I noticed a Change on her Face book page. Sandy Johnson (Burns) on Facebook seems she has been married for like 14 years but things happened we won't talk about here but we have since started talking allot and there are bright possibilities just over the horizon. :) Not sure if she is really remembering me or just looking and me in a new light but what ever it is I'll take it. :) She is still a wonderful girl and I am not one to get 2nd chances in life but this one looks real promising. :)

Right now the two biggest hurdles are she is hurting and lonely and I am afraid to become a rebound guy again. (That is kind of how we got together in the first place) and she is like 3000 miles away. :( Please lord let me hit those lotto numbers at least enough for a few round trip air fairs and stays in decent hotels. :) Gotta find a way to see if there is still real chemistry between us of if this is just one of those things in life your never really sure about.

Since this is more of a private page then a public one I also want to show Sandy my real self. Above I am like 16 and such a geek but I grew out of the geek stage and went through a few changes in life but today I am happy with where I am and wouldn't change much. so here Sandy just for you:

More old school pics


1999 Stone Mt., Ga

2001 My Desk

2002 At the Bar


2005 Main World Sign

2006 Renfest

2007 Hawaii

2008 Camping

2009 MegaCon

2010 Necronomicon


2011 Halloween Party

2012 KaotikKon

Just a few Pics from the past 12 years. I try to avoid the Camera but found these for you...

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