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Who am I and how I came to be

My name is Katrina I am a high priestess for a great temple to Paladin. I am from a small village known as Sunbar. My Beloved Destr0yr and I have one Daughter. Her name is Krystal Lynn she is a Cleric as I though after pursuing many years of priestess hood she chose a path of magic. She is a adventurous young thing but she is obsessed with a quest to locate her missing father. Destr0yr Was a mountain Ranger We meet many years ago as him and a party of adventures passed through our small village returning form a great battle in the Great Desert of Anuroch. This was fought many years ago I guess at least 27 Winters ago to the best of my knowledge. Well it is along story to his disappearance. If you would be interested in learning more please read my Journal. Please proceed to review the rest of this page and if you have any questions you can summon a messenger from your realm known as E-Mail and contact me further.

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Personal Goals in my Life

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These are a few of the favorite songs from Savage Garden. I would like to dedicate to my Katta.

Truly, Deeply, Madly ------- Audio -------- Video

I Want -------- Audio ------- Video

Shake ----- Audio          Break ----- Audio         Memories ----- Audio

Ill Bet He Was Cool  ------ Audio  

Thousand A Thousand Words  -----  Audio

    This web page was created for the one person I have known for years and do care for more then she will ever know. She is presently happy in her situation and I am very happy for her, but I still hope one day by some miracle of miracles maybe I will get to finally meet her and get to know her a lot better then I do right now. Truly, Deeply, and Madly, was our song at one time and it still holds a great meaning to me even today. She has such a wonderful personality and is such a bright and attractive young lady that I wish there weren't continents dividing us. There are many reasons one feels the way they do about others who cross paths through life. This page is an expression of my feelings for one I have know for many years.  I hope this page is viewed by others and those who take the time to view the page may understand the feelings one may have for another whom is not at present available for a path into ones future existence. It is always nice to dream and to wish but unfortunately more often then not our wishes are not granted. We do manage to accept this but it does not remove the memories from ones past and replace them with an empty space in ones present. This is why I produced this page to express my feelings to one I will always hold dear to my heart and soul.

The Captain                    

    Once upon a time in a realm far far away there was a powerful yet corrupt Priest know to all in the realm as the King Priest. Aurror was a powerful follower of Paladin who could feel only pity for the King Priest as he was lost to greed and power. The greed and power eventually was the downfall of this King Priest and many who followed him. Amongst the fall arose a true priest of paladin know to all in the realm as Aurora. In the mitts of all the events that extinguished the life of the King Priest arouse a new leader for the realm. Her name was Aurora and she was a pure soul and became one of Paladin's chosen ones.  Through the years of rebuilding and the teaching of the true god Paladin Aurora met many a traveler and many a kings through the realms but one day with out any warning she met a soul that seemed much different then those through the passages of time. This traveler was not a follower of Paladin though he was a strong believer of the ways of Paladin. He became known as Captain Howdy. This Captain was a mild tempered but curios type who traveled the realms in search of the advancement of his knowledge of the world he lived in the the powers that reach through out one existence.

    Aurora met a young man who practiced the arts of magic. The young man being several years older then Aurora was so very different then others of his class that Aurora was oddly attracted to him and his presence. Over time he was able to teach Aurora many ways of thinking and understanding not only ones self but the others who surround ones existence. Over time and many adventures the two became close and one day the two became as one and  just a few seasons latter they had a beautiful gift sent to them from Paladin himself. This gift was the one know through the history of Farron as Kattarena and the histories tell much of the many adventures of the group.


 Beyond here you will learn more of the person from your world I seem to be paralleled as.

This is but another link to my Earthly world

These are the many moments of a Special persons life

Created by The Captain for his Katta

Contact Information

The Magic of my Captain makes this Picture call a messenger from my world to yours Katrina

Entrance to this and many more portals S.E.A.D.S.

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Katrina High Priestess to Paladin
Last revised: August 10, 2007.