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I have been Studying the arts of Magic. I am a White Robe Mage of Level 17. I began adventuring the Realms of Krynn at a young age. I found a Magical Portal in the High Tower of Sorcery and after many years of trial and error I learned the art or Teleportation from this Great tower. I found that the Portal was able to transport me to the Famous Forgotten Realms. I have even been seen in the Savage frontier on occasion. This Magical portal refereed in other worlds to as a Computer has Even transported me to a time long into the future from my Humble beginnings. This time is known by some as the 20th Century. Though in the world known to others as Earth is fast approaching the 21st century.

I still return to my home land often and have been preparing to defend the realm from a most powerful and Evil being refereed to by some as the Dark Queen of Krynn. This Dar and Evil Queen will be my most difficult foe. A great Magic user and friend of mine Raistlin Majere has fought the Evil one in the past and was almost Defeated. If it had not been for his Brother who managed at the last minute to close the portal behind him trapping his brother Raistlin Majere in the abyss with this Dark and Evil Queen the world of Krynn would have been Destroyed. I hope to one day soon become powerful enough to Enter the Abyss and help Raistiln to defeat once and for all this most Evil Queen of Darkness.

I have been studding the Powers of War Wizardry as my Good friend Raistlin, but I have many more years of practice before I can hope to fight at the side of Raistlin Majere. I still join my Long time friends and adventuring companions Deffender a Great Paladin Warier, Destroyer a powerful Ranger that after many years of adventuring Changed his class to enter the world of Magic, Aura a Very High level Cleric, Katrina my beloved and most cunning Ranger/Magic user, and on occasion we are joined by others whom wish to rid the world of all Evil in the hopes that the honest Citizens of Krynn and all the Realms will be safe and prosperous.

Back in the world known as Earth there are no Elves, or Dwarfs, no barbarians nor Gnomes, I have yet to find the Many Creatures of both good and evil that I have faces in the other realms I have visited. But this new world I have been adventuring is filled with worse Creature than most can imagine. Politicians, Lawyers, Police Officers and many powerful organizations known in that world as Government agencies. From my experience with those great evils they are only comparable to Dictators from the old worlds whom have managed to work together and attempt to Crush the freedoms of the good citizens of this world I refer to as earth. The world has many great and wonderful things about it but so many of the citizens have been put down and taken advantage of by the powers that be, that a unfortunate majority of the citizens seem to have given up on happiness and prosperity that I see no way a single Mage or individual for that matter can help the people of that world. I have spent many years trying to understand the ways of this new world but to date have had minimal luck in helping the people of the world in there endeavors to better them selves. But I have never been one to give up on the needy and less fortunate so I will have to continue my endeavors.

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These are the lyrics to a song of how the parents of Krynn attempted to force me to there Owen fears as they took the law into there own hands.     Horror Terror

If you have the power to view this section of my Journal you may find a few interesting places to visit in this world refereed to as cyberspace, so use your wand or pointing device and follow me to these other places in the world to visit:


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Other adventures I know of interest:

Defender's Pub

Destr0yr's hut

Aura's Temple

Katrina's Inn


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