This is a story of long ago and a place far far away. This is the story of how Captain Howdy came into being and who he really is. This is the story of a young adventure from a world very different then the one people know of today. This is a land of mystery and adventure, monsters and beast. Warriors and tyrants. A time when good and evil would constantly fight battles of man and beast. This story takes place in a world known as Krynn a world of elves and dwarves, humans and kender, gnomes and a mix of all the races for mentioned. The lands of Krynn consisted many farms and towns, shops and inns, taverns and temples, and the many good citizens of Krynn were under constant terror from the many evil events that they would face as battles for good and evil were a constantly occurrence. But the world of Krynn is a long and in-depth story in its own right, as would be any new and different land. For further details on the world of Krynn you might wish to try a sight on your magical portal known as T.S.R. inc. this is a location your magical portal known as a computer can take you to. But this is not a story about Krynn rather the story and events surrounding a young adventured known to many as Captain Howdy. Captain Howdy also known as The Captain in other lands started his life as a shop keepers son in the town of ~~~~~~~~. He was born to a young lady known by the name

    Keroena. He had no father to most Though it was rumored that a powerful wizard of the past by the name of fistandantalist once used the powers of his Dark magic to control many young ladies of the time. The rouge mage would use his magic to force the young into serving his bidding. The rumors go on to state that Captain Howdy could be one of the basterd sons of this dark and rouge wizard Fitsedantalis. Upon his birth a beautiful necklace with an exguisadly clear crystal attached to the end was one of many gifts given to The Captain on his date of birth. The beautiful crystal seemed to be full of wonderful magical powers as it would south The Captain if he was upset and would mysteriously heel any wound or abrasion the child would have on his body. His mother had the gem appraised and it seemed to have no great value but the appraiser could sense a power of good radiating from the gem. With this his mother kept the necklace on the edge of the crib as her Captain grew up and by his 4th winter he could ware the magically embodied stone all the time. Keroena was in a romance with a ranger of the land known only by his fist name and birth rank as JamesE5664. Captain Howdy's rightful birth name has been lost in the sands of time. He has been known as The Captain for many years by all he has touched or helped as well as many others that do not care for him. In some ancient writings there are other rumors of his fathers birth name being handed down the clans chain of existence.

    The Captain was one of two sons of Keroena. The Captain was much different in his ways and actions as he was a young child then is step brother Destr0yr. The two brothers grew up together as kin though even t as children the two brothers seemed very different. One grew up strong and adventures always longing to explore the outer regions surrounding there home. Destr0yr chose the path of his father and became known as a mountain ranger while the other Brother Captain Howdy seemed to have an understanding of the world around him in ways normal children could not comprehend. The powerful stone he wore around his neck seemed to be a great aid in his comprehension of the elements and powers all around the Captain but it would take many years before the truth of the magical crystal would be discovered.

    The Captain being much weaker then his brother and there fore spent most of his time caring for his dearest mother who accepted him though his many differences seemed apparent. As a youngster of ~~~~~~~~ The Captain dabbled in tricks he read about in books viewed on stage. He was no Magician but had a strong curiosity for the unexplainable. At this young age no one really say The Captain for his potential for powers of the unknown. Though even at his young age of a mere six winters he was beginning to see that he had an ability of knowledge. And in some way his magnificent crystal seemed to be the key. The crystal seemed as an ordinary stone to others but when the Captain looked into is beauty he could see clarity of events around him like no other of his keen. Though all of his life The Captain seemed to be a slower than average learner, Though The Captain was very bright and intelligent. He could see truth in lies and lies in truth of all those around him. This being the power of a sear not a mage went unnoticed for many years while he dabbled in his illusions and slight of hand. As with most of the youth of this time    

    The Captain saw little of Destr0yr as the learned ranger was on adventures in the realms surrounding The Captain's home land of ~~~~~~~~~. But The Captain could look into his crystal and see his brother as though Destr0yr was inside the very images the crystal gave off. Well his Brother Destr0yr being a few years older and attending schooling in the ways of a nature and the surroundings meant Destr0yr was not around much either for The Captains younger years. One chilly morning The Captain went to the store for his mom and he happened on the path to the local shop in town. On this path he was ambushed buy a group of older boys who could not see The Captain as anything but a fawn lost in the wilderness and the older group of youngsters prevented The Captain progress into town. The older boys had herd of the illusions The Captain could perform as they were displayed in public by the youth often. Being young and impressionable young men the group of older boys wished to impress on this younger boy, The Captain, that they had superiority to this scrawny young chap. Well as is the usual with younger and weaker youths the Older boys proceeded to show, The Captain, their superiority by threatening the younger child.    

    The older boy was known to his friends as ~~~~~~~. Well with the inability's of The Captain to properly defend himself against these older youths. Due to his weaker and gentler kind hood The Captain was no match for the older youths much less the group that confronted him. The leader of the group and ruffians proceeded to take all they could away from The Captain including the few copper pieces his mom had given him to purchase items for dinner that night. When the older boys attempted to remove The Captain's Crystal pendent, the older boys felt a searing pain in the hands and arms pursuing all the way through the older youth to his very chest as though a hot knife was cutting into him. This spooked the older youth and angered the others, as they seemed incapable of touching this pendent without the searing pain that pursued. The Captain not in any physical shape to prevent this assault fell to the whims of the older boys though the older boys after feeling the pain decided to allow The Captain to keep his Pendent. . Well about this time another young boy happened up on The Captain and the older boys and seeing what was happening immediately steeped in to defend the younger Captain from the roughens that had confronted him. This older boy though his name was not well known had a streak of good inside him that stood out proud and well. This older youth latter became known as The Defender of others. Deffender as the boy became known was able to retrieve The Captain's belongings as well as the copper pieces the young Captain was supposed to purchase goods from the shop in town with. Well with that the two became good friends after the incident on the road to town. The Captain would tell Deffender of great deeds that the aspiring youth would accomplish. The two youths being good friends would play many of the adventure style games that youths of the days played together. The two youths played together both as warriors and as magicians. The two youths would help each other with schooling and the trying times of growing up. In this time of good and evil when darkness seemed around every bend and at the entrance to forests and swamps.

    The two youth's friendship was strong and had a great foundation. The Captain would tell Deffender of great battles he could see the adventurer partaking in and all of the battles seemed to have only good basis for coming into being. The Crystal shown brightly to The Captain all the triumphs and even failures of The Captain's good friend Deffender. Deffender took these seeings to heart and in latter stories ventured to become a great Knight and warrior of good. Known in the old realms as a Paladin. By The Captain's 10th winter his Father JamesE5664 had been missing for three seasons and the worst was suspected. The Captain's mother Keroena came down with a dark and awful sickness during this her last winter known to most. The Captain was still dabbling in magic and the ability to show others that the beliefs they believed to see would usually turn out to be very different in reality then appearance. The Pristine stone The Captain wore seemed to have a clearing affect on all the Captain focused on. But it all so had a serious flaw at times. Whenever The Captain was trying to see the out come of events directly effecting him the visions were unclear. This was trying to the youth as he could see others so clearly but when it came to the young adventure himself the visions were not clear at all and at times even seemed a bit clouded to The Captains abilities to for see coming events. Some of the citizens of the day being frightened buy the capabilities of The Captain started rumors of evil intent and conspiracy of unholy influences regarding The Captain. With the onset of a sickness to his mother and then the disappearance of her as she proceeded on the road to the south towards a great temple of healing. This left The Captain in an awkward situation. With out a father figure to guide him and the disappearance of his mother The Captain had no one to look over and protect him from outside influences. The powerful stone he war about his neck could help and guide others but was virtually useless to The Captain.

    His older Brother was around but being an older lad and approaching his man hood he was rather sidetracked with the Daughter of a farmer on the far side of town. This love of the two youths was as most young loves are, though as the disappearance of the brothers mother and father left a large burden on the older youth Destr0yr. The two brothers would visit the young Kattrina form the far side of town often and sometimes the older brother would disappear into the forest for days of training in his ways of the ranger. Destr0yr was forced to leave his younger brother with the family of Kattrina. The Captain was happy to be around others who did not look down on his abilities and he used his gift for seeing often to help out the family. The Captain having the ability to see in others what most over look could see a great torment inside of Katrina that disturbed him a bit. It seems the Beautiful Katrina was in love with the older brother Destr0yr but with the absence of him seemed to find her affections growing towards The Captain. The Captain seeing these affections and feeling the same affections had to make a grave decision to make. He had to decide whether his brother's feelings were true of if the couple had sadness in their future.

    This again was vary and bleared vision from the Crystal. Well as the years passed by The Captain began to dwell deeper into his desire to understand the capabilities he possessed. One day late in the 14 winter of The Captain, on that same path to the market he ventured many years ago, and where he had the misfortune of confronting the roughens of his past The captain approached an elder gentleman of at least seventy winters and saw the poor aged man wobbling his way into town. The loan wanderer was caring many satchels about his waist and shoulders. The Gentleman seemed to have as many satchels as a kender would carry but this aged fellow was no kender. The loan traveler wore rags on his back and skins for his feet. The older gentleman did appear to be well aged though he was still able to keep pace to the town. The Captain approached the aged gentleman and offered his assistance helping the gentleman advance to town. The gentleman gladly accepted The Captains offered assistance. The aged gentleman commented on the kindness offered him by the youth. It seems in this day like the present of another world we all know the aged have been looked down upon by the youth of the times. The aged gentleman and The Captain talked a constant on the way into town. Once in town the Captain asked the aged wanderer if he had a place to bed for the night and Alas, the loan wanderer informed The Captain he was only passing through town to trade some of his belongings in the shops but would probably be staying in town for a night or two.

    The Captain offered his hospitality to the aged fellow, a bed, a place to rest, and a meal for his stomach. The aged gentleman graciously accepted the offer and the two ventured into town together. The town of ~~~~~~~~ had seen bad times in the past seasons and was not the best for negotiations of monetary means but the older gentleman traded all he could. The collection of coins the older gentleman received was barely enough to last the rest of the winter but the old man did offer The Captain a fee for his services. The Captain sternly refused and proceeded to tell the aged traveler that he need not pay for The Captain's hospitality as just the conversations the two had were of more value then any monetary assets. The Aged traveler accepted The Captain's hospitality and friend ship. The aged traveler wishing not to out stay his welcome and packed up his bags after only two evenings and at this thanked The Captain profusely for his assistance. The aged gentleman had no real values though he did walk with a staff that had a Crystal attached to the top of a similar appearance as The Captain's Crystal he wore around his neck. The crystal seemed dull though, which showed its age to all that understood the history of crystals. The aged wanderer handed The Captain his staff and asked The Captain if he would take this staff is appreciation of all The Captain assistance. The Captain told the old man it was a beautiful staff and seemed to have a value that the older wanderer could use more then The Captain. The aged gentleman told the captain this staff has no value to me any more as this old and battered body of the aged adventure had seen its last days of adventure. The aged wanderer informed the Captain that he had an ailment of an irreversible affliction. The older wanderer told The Captain that this would be the last year his aged body would survive. The aged one explained to The Captain that the great Heelers of Paladin had even told this old man that he would most likely not survive this winter.

    The aged one pointed out this winter is but a week or so till its end. The aged one told The Captain he had no one he trusted to protect this staff ass all of his family was gone and his sons and daughters were killed many years ago in a great raid and battle in ~~~~~~~. The aged one wished to hand this staff on to a younger adventure such as The Captain and felt that this staff had a higher meaning then the aged one could understand. The aged one told The Captain the staff has been appraised many times but always the appraisers are unable to see any true value to this staff. Though all the appraisers felt that the staff had a deeper meaning then even the elder seers could comprehend. The Captain reluctantly accepted the gift and told the older gentleman he would take good care of the staff and protect its existence. The older wanderer told The Captain that would be a great burden off his shoulders; as the knowledge that this item of the ages would be in the hands of a new adventurer for the next fifty or so winters. The older gentleman believed that with The Captains abilities he would be able to learn the origin and meaning of this staff that has eluded the older wanderer for a good fifty plus winters it has been in the possession of this aged wanderer's possession. With that the aged one proceeded to leave the home of The Captain's hospitalities. The Captain thanked the Loan wanderer and wished the graces of Paladin went with his new friend. The Captain not knowing even the name of this aged wander asked what people called the aged one. The aged one turning to reply though for a minuet but nothing came to him as he had been wandering for so long the aged one had forgotten his true name. After pondering a minuet he told The Captain he remembers an old friend whom use to refer to this aged one as fritz. With that the aged one took his leave and bid farewell to his new friend.


    The next morning The Captain noticed that the crystal on the end of the staff and had cleared remarkably over night and seemed to pulsate with an ore similar to the one his pendent emitted. With this The Captain preceded to carry the staff to the towns Temple as Katrina was a student there she got the captain top priority as to the identification of this staff and what wonders it might hold. As they entered the temple the young squire behind the counter confronted the two and asked them to wait just a few moments while he fetched his father ~~~~~~. The young squire was training in the ways of Paladin and was known buy the name Aurora. He politely asked if he may see the staff and The Captain handed it to him. With the possession of the staff Aurora felt a great power at work but not of Evil but instead of understanding. Aurora being very new to the ways of Paladin knew there was a great deal of force in this staff but could not even begin to grasp as to its origins or meanings. He graciously handed the staff back to The Captain. With in a few moments the elder seer ~~~~~~~ entered the sitting area and thanked the two for waiting and preceded to apologize for his son Aurora, But immediately The Captain said no apologies necessary your son is very knowledgeable and in time should become a great seer as ~~~~~~~.

    ~~~~~~~~ just smiled and said yes but his curiosity could lead him into trouble one day that is my only concern. The three entered the temple to allow the Elder seer to try to identify this unidentifiable staff of untold powers. The elder Seer requested The Staff for better appraisal and The Captain handed the staff over for this great elder seer of Paladin to inspect. After a brief inspection The elder seer stated that he believes he has seen this staff design before but was unsure as to where. With that the elder seer took a great book off of his highest shelf and preceded to review the items of magic in this book With that the seer happened on a page that had a description of a similar staff from a time long ago. A time before the great Cataclysm that shook Krynn centuries ages ago. The book referred to the staff as a Staff of white stone and as he preceded to read the description he was at a lose for words. The description of the staff was vague as it seemed to have a power non of the ancient seers could comprehend. The description did state as to the possessor of the staff that seemed to be a great wizard on a level of The Dark Queen herself though the wizard was a white robe the staff seemed to show only to the possessor events to come but only of others. The Crystal on the head of the staff was different though is size and shape. It seemed that the Owner of the staff could only be a great wizard though the staff had the powers of a Cleric to the Possessor both of sight and healing. The Captain released that those abilities seem the same of the crystal on his pendent. There was even a remark of the ability of the crystal to inflict pain on any who tried to take it forcibly. This too described the crystal The Captain wore around his neck but again the description of the stone was much larger and of a different shape. Under close comparison the two crystals did not seem to be cut from a larger stone but both the crystal on the head of this staff and the crystal of end of The Captain's pendent seemed to have similar powers.