Deffenders Pub Open 24 hours, 7 days a week. We host many a privet party and at times take our parties to other locations. Want to join in the fun contact Deffender. This is a small collection of a few of our regular guests.

In HowdyVille there are only 3 rules:

  1. You must Enjoy yourself
  2. You must stay in control of your own actions

That's it 3 rules, open Bar, Clothing optional (after 11pm) Jacuzzi, Music, Video, lights, PARTY!!!


Hugs are Great. Here at the Pub were all good Friends

This was the a friendly reunion but what it leads to we can't tell you here. ;)

Yea The Captain Lounging

Nothing like having 2 girsl in bed with you. (Unless it's 3 girls)

Yea this in my main squease

Beth and The Captain Cuddling

Girl on Girl on girl

it never gets old watching the Young ladies getting so close together.

Yea come on show us

The Ladies are always loosing their close in Howdyville

Can you say 3some?

I can and 4 some and 5 some all have been known to happen in HowdyVille

Just winding down

After the Long day Howdyville is the place to wind down, relax and have a good old time.

Come and Get some

The Captain has a Toung that never quits

Dance dance

Just a couple ofthe ladies having fun

Meet Laura

is she hot or what? Waht the DVD. I have it for you. ;)

Long night of Partiying?

Yea lara had a few Long nights in Howdyville

Party on

We have bands, DJs, and even take our parties to remote Locations. Anyone for a Ride on the Boat?

Opps watch taht step

Yea often the drinks flow and the guests crash.

Dancing is always fun

Just a small night on the Boat

Gotta love the watchers

Come to play come to watch or join in waht ever makes you combfortable

Crank it up

Anyone heard of Skid mark? We have.

One ofthe Ladies on her first night

Took all of an hour and she was ready willing and able to enjoy.

Some times you gotta relax

The Captain and a Sexxie Young Readhead


What ever your fancy The Captain can mix it up at the Pub

Dreas to Impress

No Cover charge, and no Dress code.

Yea shes is having fun

Meet laura on one of her 4 nights in HowdyVille before her big move to tampa. (Hey Lara, we will be in Tampa in October)

Yea she is a wild one

This Sweet things has spent many an evening in Howdyville hiding from the bordum om marage.

No Jello tonight

But Waterbed Wrestiling is a comon occurance in Howdyville

Two of the Ladies ready for Rocky

We run the Rocky Horror picture show along with other cult clasics in Howdyville upon request

Yea The Captain knows what they like

If you have had a long day come to Howdyville and The Captai ncan cure what ailes you and bring a smile all the Ladies faces

Miss Mel

Or shall we say: Captain - Morgan

Yep everyone in Howdyville looks nice

No mater how one dreses your always beautiful to The Captain

One more for the road?

This is our former drinking champ. Untill a few years ago she could out drink anyone but A new recruite Morgan will put you all to shame. But please come and Chalange our ladies to a drinking Contest. I know who will last longest

Hello Hello

This is a fine young thing The Captain entertained for an evening. She has not bee nback but we think one of the otehr ladies scared her off with being to agresive sexualy

Hello Bambi

If you are into kariokie this young thing can entertai nthe hell out of you. She has a great voice and the best since of humer around.

This sweet thing has not partied with us yet

She was at a few small parties and a BBq in Howdy Ville but has yet to learn the full extent of The Captain. When she is ready it will be a memorable expierance

Bambi and Lisa

To funny and cuite young ladies.

Hey Lisa Welcome to my World

The Captain has shown Lisa a lot of Kindness and hope to teach her a few things about HowdyVille some tiem soon

Jen and The Captain

They would make a cuite couple but alas she is taken (For now) ;)

Jen and Beth Girlfriends

in more ways then common friends. The Video is comming.

Our two Champs

Susan on the left could not be beat at the Drinking conntests untill 2006 then Morgan on the right, came on the scean and she will drink anyone under the table (and not even feel it)

Congradulations to Susan

Drinking Champ 1982 - 2006

Welcome Morgan Raigning champ 2006 - Present

Ahh the kiss of two Lovers

Not to mention to Bisexual female Lovers. ;)

Just a Relaxing roll on the hey

on the boat crusing the Intercoastal

Remeber this one

After her time in Howdyvill she was dancing up a storm. Unforchunetly she has moved on and is oen of the few not wanted back in Howdyville. (Personal reasons)

And this young thing

She was a Gamble who took The Captain's Heart (But then tossed it all out on the sugestiosn of others) Stil ltryign to keep intouch but to no avail. :(

Cleanlyness is Sexy

We are all friends here. I'll wash your back you wash mine. ;)

Ahhh the Jacozzie

The latest addition to Howdyville is a privet jacozzie in the back Open 24 7, 102 degrees and clothign optional (after 11:00pm)

Lets all Jump in

Beth our cohost getting ready to enjoy a hot bath

Told you 5 was coming

Here it is a chain of 5 of us just playing for now but wait till the lights go off. ;)

The more the marrier

Lets all play Submarin. ;)

Loose the clothing

PLEASE. sometimes it gets so hot in here we have to let the air under our shirts. ;)

4 on the Bed

This little waterbed has seen more action then most beds you will ever sleep in. If your a lady you wil llove the ocean motion if your a guy, Get your own. ;)


Girl on Girl is welcome and encouraged in Howdyville

He he he

Another young lady colapses after the Captain does his duty. ;)

Here she is again

Loose as a goose. ;)

Ever heard of The Missing Link?

This is Him. He is definetly missing somthing.

The Captain and one of his Patrons

This is The Captain doing what he does best, Listening, chatting, helping his Patrons solve lifes little problems.

Umm hum what were these two doing?

Howdyville has a lot of intresting moments. This couple is definetly one of the more interesting stories. How is the baby? ;)

Even the Kiddies have a good time

This is The Captain's Junior enjoying a cold bear after a hard day in middleschool.

Another of the Captains little ones enjoying a night out with teh Girls

These two practicaly grew up together.

One of The Captain's Young Ladies

was a small birthday party. Seems she was the hot one as the guy is foaming at the mouth. No just a Birthday party where the cake got warn more then eaten.

Two very attractive young ladies

Meet Joyce and Nichol a few of The Captain's conquests err umm guests.