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My name is Deffender I am a Paladin in The Forgotten realms.  In my home world known to many as the Savage Frontier I reside in a town know as Neverwinter. Though in this your world I am an Engineering Graduate from Broward Community College with a Double Major including Computer Engineering Technologies and Electronic Engineering Technologies. I am presently a DMG for the A.I.R.P.G.A. while  I pursue a B.A. in Multimedia and Web Design. I am a Co- Webmaster for a web page hosting service from a location in your Realm known to many as Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The name of the Service is S.E.A.D.S and can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We offer web hosting services and at present we host an assortment of websites. 


''Tis is a sample web page for James's Private Bar. I am the Bar Keep for all privet parties, Get together, and Celebrations. We are a privet club with a fully stocked Bar. The Captain Spins tunes and takes requests all night. The Bar is Private there for we are open all night. Members must be 18 or older but may bring guests of all ages. (Depending on the event) ;)  We also host RPG Gaming in the Forgotten Realms. For further information about our Campaigns, Adventures and other special events please contact our DM via this magical Lora book   Lorebook.jpg (2956 bytes)  Ye may learn more of my experiences via this my Journal of adventures through the world of Krynn and the land of the Savage Frontier.


My Earthly hobbies consist of Music, Muscle cars, and Roll playing games. I am a Loan Adventurer, Though I do have other adventures I roam the Realms with. I like most all types of music as long as it is Rock related. On Sundays I can be found bashing monsters at S.E.A.D.S. Services sponsored campaigns in the  Fort Lauderdale Florida area.  Below you will find a popular musical group I listen to:


    The Web service I am a part of is open to the public or well at least certain areas are available to all users. They have a wide range of Graphics, sound and shareware programs. Our services include FTP, Chat, Message boards, personal and corporate pages located at: S.E.A.D.S. Services.  We are working on adding online games though a user must access the gaming sessions via Baldur's Gate for now. You can E-mail me at Deffender for gaming as well as event related information.


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Party every Friday and Saturday night at James's Private Bar we are open 24, 7. Music, Movies, Video games Fully stocked bar, no cover no minimum. Meet new people, socialize with your friends at Deffender's tavern. Come alone come with friends,  all are welcome. We will add more lights and lots of   fog to help mystify your evenings. The Captain will be spinning requests all night long. Choose from classic rock, Guitar rock, Soft rock, Hard rock, Metal, Techno, and Alternative. Your requests taken all night long. food and snacks available all night long. E-Mail Captain Howdy  for further information. And by all means check out the website at your first convince upon your first login send mail to the Sysop telling him you found the board while surfing The Web.      

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  Sextoberfest 2015 

          We are proud to offer one more party at a remote location. S.E.A.D.S. and James's Private Bar would like to invite you to another blowout party. Free admission, Free drinks for all.  The party will be our biggest yet . This party is open to all and will be held Friday October 9, 10, 2015, in Tampa, Florida, email Deffender for more information and directions. The Meet and Greet starts at 8pm fun at 9pm  To join the Party you need to-mail Deffender to let him know your going to be there. We will have a Drinks in the room and food at the ConSuite all night long. If you have never been to a  party hosted at James's Privet bar your missing out on a real blast. Check here to plan your next killer party hosted at The Captain's Place. Join us for the Con on Facebook Here.


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  Special Bulletin 

               We are proud to offer another party at a remote location. S.E.A.D.S. and James's Private Bar would like to invite you to another blowout party. Free admission, Free drinks from 7:0PM till 9:00PM Friday meet and greet then Saturday Oct 9, and 10, 2015 the party starts. RSVP Only.   The party will be our Fall event . This party is open to only 6 couple, no Unescorted males  please, and will be held this Fall in Tampa, FL 33701 Florida at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay  ;), email Deffender for  Room Number. To join the Party you need to-mail Deffender to let him know your going to be there. We will have an open bar all night long BYOB. If you have never been to a S.E.A.D.S. hosted party your missing a real blast. Check here to receive further information when the next killer party will be. Please visit The Captains Place on Yahoo Groups for more info and dates of upcoming events.


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Swingers Join us as this Labor day is going to be a Real Blast.  Adults only party hosted at a remote location. Free admittance, just bring something for the Party and your own Alcohol. Party hosted but well know couple in the Sunrise Florida area. Please contact The Captain for our invite. You must be sponsored to attend but once your in the party is going to be fun. Older crowd 40s to 50s but lots of action occurring throughout the night.
Captain Howdy for more info.

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