The story of Destr Oyer:

"Destr Oyer is a gruff and tumble guy who has been traveling this would of Gray Hake for many years in search of the vile humans who slaughtered his family many years ago in the Island of Lordship. The subject is one Dester avoids when he can but here it is. Dester was a youth in his village of 300+/- sailors, fisherman, and farmers. Many years ago, approximately 6 years ago, Dester was camping with his friend Ishton Horbin of Lendore. Ishton was a Ranger by class and a Human as Dester. The youths were in the forest about 2 days track from Destr's home. The two were studding the ways of nature and the land. On their third morning Dester noticed a huge billow of smoke rising in the distance. The billow of smoke seemed to be in the same direction of Destr's home village. Being two days out the young men headed in the direction of Destr's home. The young men arrived in Destr's home village to late to help the many citizens of his home. When the youths arrived in the village it had been decimated. All the villagers found in town had been slaughtered most of them in there sleep. The two youths tracked a group of human footprints to the northern most port where they found a group of robed humans torturing a few menders of Destr's home village. Ishton and Dester set up an elaborate network of traps and pits to incapacitate several of the guards. Upon freeing the few loan citizens Dester and Ishton learned that may citizens had been taken on a ship to the mainland to be sold into slavery. The few surviving citizens were so disrout they could not help with any understanding of the events as most the citizens were rustled out of their beds in the middle of the night. Ishton and Dester pursued questioning the few guards that were not killed in the traps set by the two youths and learned that a group called the Scarlet Brother hood lead the attack. This group has many human servants who ransack small communities in order to enslave the citizens and force them to do there bidding. Any humans who resist are killed instantly with no exceptions. Outraged at the events Ishton a forest Ranger helped Dester learn the many ways of a ranger. Dester swore an oath to find a way to destroy the Scarlet Brother hood hence his Nickname The Destr0yr. After several years of training Dester left the Lendore Isle and his companion Ishton to purse his desire of abolishing the leaders of The Scarlet Brother hood whom ordered the genocide on his home, his friends, and family. Dester boarded a ship and traveled to the port of Rel Aster. On this trip Dester discovered an Amulet of protection in the hold of the ship he traveled on. The Amulet gives Dester a bonus protection to his life. Upon his arrival in the Port of Rel Aster Dester set out on a long journey to the West north west where he has heard rumors of a large population of the Scarlet Brother hood. His travels have taken him many years and in his travels Dester has stopped at many towns and always goes to any of the local taverns he can find in hopes that he will learn more information on The Scarlet Brother hood. Dester has discovered that ale and mead seem to help relax him though he rarely drinks to a point he looses his focus in his surroundings. The first year was a long and lonely one. Dester not wanting to loose any more friends tries to stay away from most of the people he meets as to not get very close to them. Dester did find a small traveling companion in his dog and the only one he truly trusts. Dester freed the puppy from a sack Dester found floating in the river of rauxes. The small puppy appeared to be badly hurt as though tortured by some inhuman child. The puppy was floating in the river attached to a log. Dester rescued the puppy and even had to breathe life back into it as it appeared to be drowned. Dester at the time still not wanting to get attached to other people and loose them to a horrid fate did not eve name this puppy he rescued but instead opted to call it Daug. The two traveled for another couple of years before Dester came upon a young Elfgirl being stoned by some citizens of Dyvers. The citizens accused the girl of trespassing and stealing form their farm and were about to kill the poor Elfgirl. Dester intervened and rescued the young girl from the ranting citizens. The Elfgirl confessed that she did trespass and had entered the residence of one of the citizens in an attempt to get out of an unusually strong storm. She had been traveling for days with no sign of civilization, was cold and hungry and saw the home of a villager and attempted to get someone to answer the door. As she went around the back to hide in the barn she was sleeping there for a day or so and did not take anything but a few morsels of food to nourish her as she continued her journey. One of the residents came home and saw that their back door was down and it appeared that the residence had been ransacked. The poor Elfgirl was in the barn warming herself at a small fire when the citizen found her. The Elfgirl tried to explain herself but the outraged citizen would not listen to her. Him and a few of his nabors from down the road got out of control and attempted to stone this poor Elfgirl this is when Dester Intervened and defended the girl and took helped her get away from the outraged citizens. The two have traveled for a while and Dester sees her almost as a daughter though he has never had any kids of his own. Dester and Midnight have traveled on and off for months and seem to have a bond between them almost as though related." Beyond that Dester is really the Quiet type not wanting people to know him. He travels alone, usually sleeps in his tent in the wilderness, and just tries to loose himself in nature and his surroundings. Dester always looks for the closest door and the furthest door when he enters a building as he wishes to be aware of who is coming in or going out of any room he enters. In the wilderness Dester does not bath as often as he should but lately with his traveling companion Midnight he has been trying to take baths regularly and grooms himself a bit. Nothing to extreme but to the extent that he has learned that people in the towns he enters do not seem to enjoy the natural look and odor that the body produces. Dester usually stands in the back line or row watching his surroundings for any unusual events. Dester is not wise in the ways of magic but has seen allot of unusual occurrences and tributes this to magic.