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Welcome to my page. I am Destr0yr a forest runner. I originated from a land far away known as The Jungles of Chult As a child my village was destroyed by Lord Soth in his siege to control the realms of Krynn. Our town was a town of farmers and simple folk but we were in the path Lord South wished to use to reach the town on ~~~~~~.  Well in the Siege I was one of the few survivors. After this event I dedicated my life to defeating this Evil one known as Lord Soth. Upon his ultimate defeat I meet an Evil even greater then the Death Knight Lord Soth and this  was the power of the Dark Queen. Being a ranger I do not have the capabilities to defeat her in this the mortal plain but I do have the strength and drive to help those most powerful wizards approach her domain and attempt to defeat the darkness that she pours over our world of Krynn. If you are one of the adventurous types and would like to read of my quests please review my Journal.

            If you would like to learn more of the ways of a Ranger please review this information from T.S.R. inc. Rangers Hand Book

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