Journal Entry The Begining
This was my first of many adventures in an attempt to help free the world of Krynn from the Evil forces that would think to enslave the good people of Krynn. The next 10 or so summers I spent on many quests in an attempt to solve the many puzzles that the evil forces of the Dark Queen of Krynn. Please see my Journal for further information on my exploits around the realm of Krynn. As with many adventures of maturing age, upon our many quests my friends and I would venture through a several towns on the Turef, Vingaard, and Cekos. In our travels I would find myself visiting ~~~~~~~~ often, there was a temple of Paladin there that I would Frequent, regardless of whether I was in need of healing. I did fancy one of the younger clerics there known as Katrina, daughter of Kerowena a high Cleric to Paladin. Katrina and I were courting one another for many years until we finally made the dissection to become as one in the eyes of the mighty Paladin and the temple of ~~~~~. I have longed to return to her arms and help with the up bringing of our precious daughter Krystal Lynn. She is the spitting image of mother both in looks and in her inquisitiveness of the ways of Paladin. My friends and I had been away for many years but the forces of evil seem to have subsided at present. I shall return to my homeland in ~~~~~~~, where I hope to lye out the years in the arms of my beloved Katrina. I have sent word to my home that I shall return once I meet with Lord Nasher in a town known as Never Winter. I must deliver to him a scroll of some ancient writings that our group fund after the final defeat of Lord Soth in the last battle our party fought in the town of ~~~~~~. The scroll needs to be deciphered by a group of clerics whom are familiar with the many older tongues of Krynn. Lord Soth seemed very anxious to have this scroll in his possession. This is the reason behind Lord Nasher’s concern about what writings the scroll may posses.



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