Ode to Rangers
Lady Galadriel

Once  while hunting long long ago I heard a sound,

deep in the woods, I looked all around.

A bear, a puma, an evil ol' boar?

Nay, just a silly ranger

Make'n noise enough for a score.

Surely nay,  I thought to meself,

Rangers are stealth, an quiet as a mouse.

But I knew maybe, yes,  I must be right,.

Cause the very next moment.

He asked me if  North was left, or right.

I led the poor lost lord towards town.

Or at least he though so,

With a wink I giggled, and then I  thought with a frown.

I decided to hide before he came back.

Cause I knew he would.

We all know the the thing rangers lack..

An eye for herbs, able to skin like nobody could,

But a sense of direction, they all seem ta lack.

                                           to EntieEntie :)

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