This is the first of 7 parts as to how I found myself in NeverWinter

As a child I grew up in the village of Sunabar my mother Katina was a high priestess of Paladine, my father Destr0yr who was know as a forest ranger we all lived together in this small village. My father had been a great adventurer, originally from the land of Nesme. My life as a child was full of fond memories. Though Destr0yr was off on missions quite often he mad it a point to be there for me when he could. Often my father would bring back trinkets from the many lands he adventured in. Late during my 13 winter there was a rumor of a great evil army building in the east on the far side of the Great desert of Anauroch. The city of Ascore was on the farthest west side of the Great Desert of Anuroch. The city of Ascore had once been a great hub of activity and many people lived in the city for hundreds of years. The town of Ascore was known as a great Dwarves seaport as the Great Desert was known as the Narrow sea though the waters receded many years ago and the great Desert covered the shores. In its heyday Ascore was protected from Evil by Four statues of magical enchantment. The statues were of unknown origin but were enchanted with a great power from Ancient Ascore. The statues were used in a compass layout at the in the ancient plaza of Ascore. The city was prosperous for many decades but the great dessert of Anuroch had been expanding to the west for many years. Long ago the city of Ascore was deserted as the dessert continued its relentless expanse to the city gates. Rumors of bests moving into the city were spreading for years and now the town is over run by evil of all forms. Those who have attempted to confront the evil festering in the abandoned city of have never been herd from again. One day a message of great importance was given to our lord and governor of Sundabar.

This is part 2 of seven
The message had come from the furthest side of the great dessert. It was said that evil forces were massing in the town of Zhentil the great keep there was ruled by an evil of great power. The Keep is well over a months ride from Ascore through the Great Desert of Anauroch. The Desert is a very terrible place overrun by evil beast of all forms and with a climate of frigid cold to unbearable heat with the weather changing almost instantaneously with no sign or warning. Only the most fool hardy or well equipped could survive the track as the desert had become so vast and there was no food or water to be found in the great dessert. There were even stories of the ground opening up and swallowing complete parties of adventures in the vast wasteland with no trace ever to be found of them again. The message had made its way through the desert over many months time and many lives had been lost to the great desert in order for this letter just be delivered to the commandant of Yartar. It had been told that the power of the four statues had been removed as the statues found there way into the collection of valuables in the possession of warlords and great tyrants of the land since the fall of Ascore. The statues were the source of piece and contentment in the realms for hundreds of years, but with the removal of the statues evil was free to roam the lands of this savage frontier. My father was selected along with five other adventures to retrieve the statues and return them to there rightful place at the edge of the Anaurochen desert. The six adventurers made up a powerful party. GWAR a Paladine and high level Cleric, The Captain a most powerful magic user, DWARF a mountain dwarf who's name could not be pronounced by the human tongue, Sir Strong Sward a very high level Knight of the rose, Redmond a most powerful wizard and high cleric of mishakal, and my father Destr0yr a seasoned and well trained forest ranger of the highest caliber. The six set of on the mission to retrieve the statues and return them to there rightful place on the edge of the Anaurochen desert in the ancient plaza of Ascore.

This is part 3 of seven
The six adventures left on their mission as the rumors of the evil forces building in Zhentil Keep were becoming wide spread. Evil was swelling up from all areas around the realms. The six adventures proceeded with there mission though they had to fight there way to many different location in search of the three statues. Our town of Sundabar had compiled a small army to send to Ascore in order to await the party's return with the statues. Many of the other towns and villages sent all the troops they could spare to prepare for the fast approaching forces of evil from Zhentil. Being a thirty day ride from to the city of Ascore through the dessert of Anauroch. No troops would adventure out in to the desert to meat the approaching forces of evil, all frightened of the desert swallowing them up and the many faces of evil herd of about the Great Desert, that all of the great armies gethered in the city of Ascore to await the safe return of the statues. This would be the only possible stand the people of the realms could mount in an attempt to halt the evil forces at Ascore. The morale of the armies organized in Ascore was not great as reports of the approaching evil continued the armies would be out numbered at leas four to one. If the forces of good were unable to halt this advance the evil that would spew out of the Anaurochen desert, would swallow up the realms of this new and Savage Frontier, like a Black Dragon swallowing up kabold. Nothing and no person would be safe anywhere in the realms. My mother was preparing for the worst as our village dwelled just a days ride from Ascore and many of the wounded would certainly be brought in to our small temple for the great healing and regeneration abilities of the great Paladine. Upon the eve of the winter solaces the small band of adventures my father lead had retrieved the last of the statues though they still had to return the enchanted statues of Ascore to there rightful place in the ancient plaza of Ascore, In hopes of fending off the approaching evil of the Zhentiling forces. Clouds of dust could be seen for miles to the east of Ascore from the far end of the desert. The armies gathered, were preparing to defend the entrance to the city with vigilance and vigerance though most believed they were doomed before the battle even began as the approach of evil forces and countless beasts approached the party of adventures arrived with the statues. All could see it would be close but in order to fend of the evil of The Zhentillien forces, the statues would have to be returned to there rightful place of prestige Compass pattern. The statues would combine there forces of magic to stifle all evil magic in all directions of the compass, preventing the Evil of the Zhentillian spell casters from doing harm to all of good intent. But with out the proper placement and the activation spells cast on the statues they would be of no use except maybe as a bashing stone.

As the six well seasoned adventures arrived the battle had just begun. The party prepared themselves and devised a plan of attack in hopes of being able to defend the plaza and place the statues on there rightful pedestals. My father being a great warier through himself in the combat in the hopes of slowing the advance of evil. The captain laid out a barrier of poisonous clouds on all side of the ancient plaza, the statues would need to be placed with each facing in a different direction of the compass. Gwar and Redmond set up a barrier of blades and The Captain and Redmond volleyed fire ball and ice storms in to the combat. Gwar being the strongest of the reaming five took the three o'clock position through barades of spells and swards he placed his statue on its pedestal., then cast his heal spells on destroyer who was surrounded on all sides by great and powerful beast. Gwar took a direct hit in the chest from a cone of cold and was knocked back 20 feet. Dwarf a seasoned fighter and trained spell caster ran in to the twelve o'clock position to place his statue on its pedestal though he was meet by three lighting bolts simotainuesly and fell to the ground he managed to place his statue on its pedestal before falling to the ground in defeat. Gwar being mortally wounded was unable to do but fend of the four assailants around him so being the next strongest fight Sir Strong Sward approached the nine o'clock position fending off many powerful creatures though getting tired fails. The two spell casters placed their statue in the six o'clock position with out much problem as the evil forces were detained by the battle surrounding them. The only statue not in place was the statue the west. Sir Strong Sward was in position though he was under attack from all sides and fading fast. The Captain cast his last Fire shield and strength and rushed the assailants around Sir Strong Sward, being a magic user he was not strong enough to defeat the forces around the knight though he did manage to distract the evil spell casters attention for a moment which gave the great Knight the chance he needed to place the final statue before falling to the ground. The captain cast was about to fall and drew on all his strength and concentration to cast a dimensional door and was able to return to the side of Redmond. The captain and Redmond having virtually exhausted their spells using the last bit of energy they could muster sent two massive lighting bolts towards the beasts around Sir Strong Sward. This gave him the relief he needed to align the last and final statue on its pedestal. Upon the placement of the fourth stature Redmond and Gwar cast the final spells they had in there memory to enhance and activate the four powerful statues of ancient Ascore. The good armies were all but defeated, and the six adventures were totaly exhausted as my dad swung a final blow to defeat a golme at the center of the plaza, the glome had all but finished Destr0yr off, Suddenly the four statues began to glow a brilliant light, the light radiated in all direction and a great explosion consumed the battle field much debris was thrown in all directions bodies of both evil and good lye by the wayside and the three remaining adventures standing were knocked to the ground. After a short while the clouds had cleared the skies were clearing up and bodies were battered and broken on all sides of the plaza. Of the six adventures Dwarf had lost his life while Sir Strong Sward was unconches. Gwar and Redmond being the only standing clerics did there part to heal the wounds and resurrected Dwarf, though through all the debris and bodies there was no sign of Destr0yr whom was at the center of the plaza when the magic released its self upon the warring armies, all that could be found of my Father Destr0yr was his pack and a broken and neutralized +5 long sward he had carried sense his father fell in combat many years ago.

It took many hours for the word to get back to our village though the fighting was over we new the good armies had won. Although no word of my father was returned. The eve of the battle was the first time that I realized the gift of Paladin that I possessed it was when I finally realized that I was destined to have the power of Paladine with me. In my rest I was visited by a vision of greatness it was Paladine himself in one of his many human forms. Though he spoke nothing of my father he informed me that I had been chosen above all others to pursue a special mission in life though he did not elaborate on the extent of the mission he did imply that it would be up to me to learn the extent of his plans and events I would face. Though it was a wonderful felling being in the present of such power and greatness I could feel the threat of dread and sadness. I knew at this time that my father would not be returning after the battle at least not as I would have hopped. After many weeks had gone by there was still no trace of my father, Katina, my mom refused to accept that he was gone and spent many hours praying for her beloved Destr0yr. I on the other hand believed the worst had come of my father though the fact that he was the only of the battle that was nor recovered in any way bothered me There was always a little hope that some day he would return though I could not believe he was still alive. Well 4 years of intense studies pressed and I had advanced to a fourth level cleric though I knew I had many years of training and hard times ahead of me I was drawn by this urge to explore. On day on my 17 summer a small charm was found on an adventure the had been vanquished in a combat from a city far away. The charm was worn on his chest on a silver chain and this charm was that of a Paladine wedding. The clans of the woods gave it to there bravest adventures before taking a wife. The charm was the same charm worn round my mothers wrist up on seeing the charm my mother broke in to tears and drooped to the flour, it was the identical charm that my father had worn that great day many moons ago when he was asked to lead the party of six in the recovery of the three statues of Ancient Ascore. My mother told me on a later time she had enchanted the charm with her most powerful protection spells as she gave it to my father that day many years ago be for his adventures and disappearance. The battered warier that made his way into our temple that afternoon said he had found the charm in a town far away known as Never Winter. The warrior in our presents told of his finding the charm in the woods near a large spruce there were signs of a great battle but no deceased adventures lye on the ground just a few broken swards, an amount of spilt blood and this gleaming charm. That evening as I explained the origin of the charm to the warrior he offered it to me and stated that it should be in the position of a beloved not just a mere adventure of average encounters. The aged warrior stated it was his donation to the temple for our aid in his time of need. When he handed it to me I could feel it emitting a great power, this I believed was from the magical enchantment of my mother, from many years ago though, those spells usually where of limited duration and time. It had now been four years and many months ago, in the past when my mom Katina cast all of her powers into the enchantment of this charm. I believed this to be a sign of my future and thanked the adventure for his donation. I have worn the charm around my neck since that day and have had a feeling of guidance from the magically enchanted ornament. It was getting late and I decided to retire for the evening.

I retired to my bed for an evening of rest and relaxation when I was visited again in my dreams by Paladine he again did not enlighten me to all details though he told me I will soon adventure to a land of grate distance and was to search for and explanation to many events that were plaguing me, the most burdening of which was the origin and power of the charm. I was to travel to the city of NeverWinter to search for answers. Paladine also informed me of another world and another time of which I would have a great impact and accomplish many great things though Paladin conveyed to me that it would not be anything like this world I am use to. It would be in a time the beasts of nature have all but been vanquished though there was a greater evil festering in this new world that could never be imagined in these realms I had lived in for the past 17 years. Paladin did not explain much more to me with the acceptation that he asked me if I thought I was willing to train and advance in this present world though I would have much studies and learning in need to help this new word he spook of. Paladine told me I was destined for greatness though I could not imagine the hardship I faced in order to reach that Plato of greatness and that my studies on this new world would dwarf my many adventures to come. One day Paladine informed me I would be able to defend against evil in the realms around me and I will at the same time have great responsibilities and ties to this new world that he was eluding to. I accepted his offer and swore my alliance the greater good of all be it in the realms I am face with today or the future worlds I will be tied to tomorrow. The following morning I explained to my mother Katina the events of last nights vision and she understood it appears she had a vision from Paladin of great changes to come and that I would be of somehow the center of two worlds and the magic I will train for will help me as much in this realm as the will to learn will guide me in a new and very different world. The following morning I bid farewell to my many friends and acquaintances in the town of Sundabar and traveled to wards the great world of Never Winter along with two associates JamesE5664 The Defender whom had many adventures with my day way back before Destr0yr and Katina became wed, and Runnie Bug a half elf caught up in the world of magic not knowing to practice the arts of Healing or the arts of magic. The three of us adventured to never winter though the trip was I would not say uneventful though we faced no major dilemma either. We all arrived in the city of never winter and took a room at the southern most inn. The trim to town took about three 13 weeks as we being inexperienced and in capable of continuing at a tiresome pace. Every three to four evening I would be confronted by Paladine who would guide me in my studies of this new and unimaginable world. I was taught the name of the world to be Earth and that the world no longer battles with monsters and beast of the kind we face here in there realms but in this world Humankind had become the beast of confrontation and the is a new man made danger known as technology as the humans from this other world advanced there technology had advanced exponential. Just in the last 30 years the technology revolution had control of the entire world and the ways of the gods and Goodnees had all but been forgotten. I was to learn the ways of a Computer Information Systems Analysis under a Document known as a Associates in Science Degree. My travelers were to learn the ways of a physcoligest for Runnie Bug and an Electronics engineer and a Computer Engineer the three of us were chosen to learn the technology of this great land know as earth and combined we were destined to help the people of Earth while defending the Realms of Never Winter at the same time. I realize all that I have mentioned in the past several paragraphs probably make no sense to the of this world but It is the reason that I must only

train and adventure with the here in areas surrounding Never Winter on a limited number of days out or the week as my readings of the scripts of the new world consumes much of my time though Paladine has informed me that I will be receiving a break form the studies of Earth for the next few weeks this will allow me the time needed to resume my training and adventures in never winter for the time being..........

Part 7 The Reunion

It was early fall and the morning had a chill to it. I had awoke with a start. Paladin had come to me in a dream as he has previously, on many occasions, yet this time was different. Paladin being the God of , was usually sharp and impressive, though this time his apparition was jaded and hesitant. The mighty Paladin told me that the path ahead was to be confusing and questionable. Paladin warned me that my future was at stake and that a great mystery was about to unfold in front of me though it would be up to me to copperhead this dilemma and come to my own conclusion. Paladin has always advised me and guided me in the past but this time when I asked him what I should expect and what I should do, all he would say was that my first impression may be confused or obscured by feelings or beliefs and that I should beware and follow my mind instead of my feelings. He told me I was to be confronted with the unexpected and that my first impression may not be the best one. Paladin informed me there were great forces at work of unknown origins and I would soon have to confront them and this confrontation could influence my choice of paths to come. The choice correct or incorrect could impact the future of this frontier. The choice I must make in this up and coming event, could effect a great many lives directly. Then as a flash of light he was gone, this was the cause of my start. I awoke with chills to my bone though the weather around me was warm. My stomach felt twisted as I could not decern Paladins meaning of this visit. I did know however, a quest of immeasurable means lyes a head of me.


At the moment of my awakening the woods were silent, to silent for these known woods of evil and danger. Dawn was soon to approach but the night was still and quiet, too quiet for my comfort. I immediately extinguished my camp fire and readied my armor and weapon just to be safe. Being the daughter of a Forest Ranger I was blessed with excellent vision in the dark. First I viewed my surroundings, but could see nothing out of the ordinary. I quickly rolled up my pack and belongings then stashed them in some near by brush for safe keeping. I felt as though something or someone was near and had a strong feeling of something not quite right There was a feeling in me of danger and something not quite right around me. I moved quickly to a near by oak tree several yards from my camp sight, then ascended to the top branches to gain a good vantage point. I scanned the foliage around me but saw nothing, no movement, no light and no sound could be heard, nothing to back my feeling if utter dread. I new I was rather far south from NeverWinter and did not have many allies in this area known as Crossergates. My Guild was several days travel from here back in Longsaddle and this was not the best area for a lowly female adventurer to be out on her own, though I have always wondered the realms alone in search of any trace that may lead me to discover the outcome of my Father DESTR0YR in this great realm of the savage frontier.

Earlier in the week I had met an old fisherman in Port Last who recounted for me a story one of his former crew had relayed to him. I were this pin on my breast of the Forest ranger's clan. It was Given to me several years before by the wounded adventure my mom helped heal after a huge battle fought back in my home land. The adventure had told me the story of recovering the item at the sight of a great battle fought here in NeverWinter in an area known as the West Woods. This charm I wore had a strong resemblance to the Hilt of a Sword found in ~~~~~~~ several months ago. The Crew member whom I believe the sailor said was the First Mate. The sailor told me of a story he herd several moons ago from the First Mate. The story talked about a middle-aged Warrior with a long dark and full beard who was leading a team of Rangers through the Dragon Spine mountains. "Without warning the party of Adventures were set up on by a pack of 3 Dragons, a Red Dragon of age, a Black Dragon smaller than most and a huge Black Dragon. Dragons are not known to travel in packs very often and rarely of mixed colors, Though this pack seemed to be working together towards some goal. Dragons are known for there individuality and can not work well together as each wants to be in control of any situation they confront. The aged Red Dragon appeared to be the leader of the pack, as unusually as that may seem, the pack of dragons seemed to be searching the mountain side for something and happened up-on the band of Adventures. Instantly the team was beset by Dragon fear. This hesitation was probably the cause of there demise. Immediately the red dragon blasted the team from above with a horrific fire ball, suddenly the team of adventures were in turmoil, 3 of them were instantly knocked to the ground. Almost as fast as the fire ball subsided, lighting flew from the mouth of both black dragons impaling two of the 3 downed warriors. Then with a flash a second blast of fire from the aged Red Dragon's mouth barred down on the surviving team members. The leader of the team raised his shield in a circular motion the surviving adventures held their shields in the air forming a dome of silver over the team. The blast of fire was dispersed to the sides of the party setting the woods a fire on all sides of the team. The sheering heat from the shields singed the hair and burned the arms of the adventures, though they were still alive, then another barred of lighting struck the team knocking a fourth member to the ground and blinding still another. In a matter of moments the team of 6 was down to two. The blinded adventure was instantly impaled by the claws of the smaller of the two Black Dragons as he landed solidly on top of the two downed and warriors from the first attack. The Ancient Red Dragon and the huge Black dragon landed on either sides of the two standing adventures. The blinded adventure wore the cloak of a magic user, drawing on his every ounce of strength the Mage managed to cast a fire shield to protect him from further attacks by the black dragon. One of the badly injured Rangers from the first attack Drawing upon his last breath managed to strike at the smaller Black Dragon with his magically enchanted 2 handed long sword before the Dragon was able to fire another lighting bolt at the Mage, then the Ranger collapsed from the intense pain from his mangled and badly burnt body. Startled the smaller of the two Black Dragons fired his lighting bolt at the shielded Mage but at the split second of the strike the Mage managed to get off one last spell, Fumble that took hold of the Larger of the Black Dragons from behind. With the strike of the final lightning bold from the smaller black dragon the Mage fell to the ground defeated. The ancient Red dragon was facing the two Remaining adventures, while the Huge Black Dragon was battling with himself to regain his thoughts and coordination affected by the Mages final spell. The smaller Black Dragon being slightly stunned by his injuries joined his comrades to face down the two remaining warriors. The two Rangers now faced 3 mighty Dragons, one injured and one still slightly confused the third unharmed. The Red Dragon Snarled as to prepare a new breath of fire, intent on char broiling the Remaining humans. The two rangers knowing there doom was at hand, refused to give up and charged the Red Dragon from both sides. Within seconds of the next Flaming breath from the Red Dragon the 2nd Ranger Thrust his Long Sword into the neck of Red Dragon impaling his jaw, this caused the Red Dragon to flinch for a split second while the Leader of the Party was able to pierce the Heart of the red Dragon causing him to collapse instantly. Seeing this the two Black Dragons Simotaniosly let go powerful Lighting Bolts in the direction of leader who the just saw slay there leader. The 2nd adventure being feet in front of and seeing his friend turned around trying to remove his sword from the chest of the slain Dragon, was in danger of being hit with out having time to attempt to dodge out of the way. The 2nd Ranger using his shield in hopes of blocking the strike in hopes of them both dodging the pursuing onslaught of lighting. The smaller of the two Dragons Lighting Bolt struck the 2nd ranger's shield raising the temperature on the outside of the shield to whit hot. Almost as fast as the first bolt hit, the second was striking the same molten spot on the shield and pierced it easily as a hot knife in butter. The Powerful Bolt of lighting from this Huge Black Dragon bored straight through the 2nd ranger and struck the dark haired ranger directly in his ribs as he was retrieving his sword. Both remaining adventures fell to the ground the 2nd was dead with a gaping hole in his chest, while the first was badly hurt and breading from the tremendous power of the blast from such a huge Black Dragon. Seeing there leader defeated the two Black Dragons took flight south towards the Dragon Spine Mountains. Having a few powerful potions is his bag the dark haired Ranger and sole survivor of the tragic battle, the Ranger made himself invisible, and attempted to heal himself before he collapsed in the brush from his injuries".


The First mates story continues " After this great battle creatures of the night feed up on the remains of the deceased party members, but being invisible and hidden in the brush the Leader managed to be passed up by the hungry beasts of the of this terrible place. As day break rose in to the sky the ranger awoke to find his friends and partners battered bodies mauled by creatures and he feels terrible as he could do nothing to prevent the maiming of his associates. The leader managed to escape barely with his life but felt responsible for what had happened to his friends. The dark haird Ranger returned to Red Larch and decided to recoup in the city until he was strong enough to avenge the deaths of his party. The leader feeling that he failed to guide hid friends to safety and to blame for the sacrifice made by the 2nd Ranger in order to protect him keep going over the battle in his head again and again. Thinking what if his party had been prepared for this, or could they have split up and taken cover in the trees could the battle have turned out different. All this guilt and uncertainty was bothering the Ranger so much he has avoided the realms for many months. This loan adventure baring a Magically enchanted Silver Long sward has been seen in and near West Bridge trading and purchasing supplies. A Ranger by breading this dark haired adventurer seems to be dabbling in the arts of magic, Evil Magic, possibly in an attempt to avenge the deaths and slaughter of his friends and former party members. The most intriguing part of the sailors story is that the leader of this band of adventures had a very intriguing and intricate design on the hilt of his Silver Long sward. the symbol is almost identical to that of my charm that was recovered at the sight of another battle fought 2 days ride from here in the Never Winter woods were I believe my father to have been many moons ago. The charm was given to me back at home by the warrior my mother healed many years ago back in my home town of Sunabare..
Still perched in the great oak high above my camp sight the uneasy feeling is starting to pass as first light of the morning shines down into the dark treterus woods I have been travailing in order to reach Red Larch, just another day and a half's travel and I should arrive there. I hope to investigate the events of the first mates story for my self.......